This is the resources page of my blog. Everything I mentioned in my post will be listed here as links.

YouTube Videos About How to Learn 📹

How to Learn Advanced Concepts Fast
Evidenced-Based Study Tips
Study With Me
Learning how to learn | Barbara Oakley | TEDxOaklandUniversity
Scientifically Proven Best Ways to Study

Learning How to Learn Book Notes 🗒

This is the notes I took when I am reading the book Learning How to Learn by Barbara Oakley and Terry Sejnowski. They will be continuously updated over time. All files can be downloaded as PDF version at my Google Drive folder.

There is also a course on Coursera. I would say that the contents in both are almost the same.

NOTE: PLEASE check the answers of problems in the Check Your Understanding section AFTER you thinking about it (or writing it down) on your own, OR it may cause the so-called “illusion of confidence (not good),” which you may learn in later chapters.

Chapter 1: The Problem with Passion
Chapter 2: Easy Does It: Why Trying Too Hard Can Sometimes Be Part of the Problem
Chapter 3: I’ll Do It Later, Honest! Using a Tomato to Beat Procrastination
Chapter 4: Brain-Links and Fun with Space Aliens
Chapter 5: The Other Side of the Teacher’s Desk
Chapter 6: Learning While You Sleep: How to Wake Up Smarter
Chapter 7: School Bags, Lockers, and Your Attentional Octopus

In Progress
Chapter 8: Slick Tricks to Build Your Memory

Chapter 9: Why Brain-Links Are Important (and How Not to Back a Car into a Ditch)
Chapter 10: Learning with Clubs and Groups, Finding Your Mission, and How Terry Nearby Burned Down the School
Chapter 11: How to Pump Up Your Brain
Chapter 12: Making Brain-Links: How Not to Learn from a Comic Book
Chapter 13: Asking Yourself Important Questions: Should You Listen to Music While You’re Studying?
Chapter 14: Learning Surprises: Pssst … Your Worst Traits Can Be Your Best Traits!
Chapter 15: How to Do Well on Tests
Chapter 16: Going from “Have to” to “Get to”